In and out of the grind

I am quite amazed that I haven’t wanted to stay at home since I started to work full-time after almost five years of working as a freelancer.


Freelance work has its perks and pitfalls. I really enjoyed it as it gave me the space to test new waters; learn new skills, build self-confidence and best of all network with people from all walks of life.

I had already been working full-time for a Call-Center and a Back-Office for two prominent organisations. Though the incentives and take homes were great there was not much room for growth, at least in a personal sense.

My partner encouraged me to get in to the the creative side of work. The only thing I knew of the creative side was to write and the first attempt was at becoming a content writer for fairly new web agency. However this too was another process where you turn the story around so many instances you run out of things to write about.

I then moved on to further seek inspirations to work in the world of creativity. Joined yet another web agency in which I had the opportunity to work for a client that customized maps for holiday rental properties. This was exciting as I was always reading the world Atlas even as a kid.

During the same time I heard that a local newspaper was searching for sub-editors and at the time the job only required two days of your time in the evenings. I took it as yet another method of improving my writing skills. While the first few months were dedicated mainly to sub-editing, later on I requested a space to publish some of my writings.

I started off by writing about music and it was quite easy to interview bands, write gig/ festival reviews as I would frequently be in the midst of it while my partner and his band would perform at these gigs.

My passion for food and travel was also turned in to words and gradually I was training myself to become a journalist. From the Sunday paper I moved to a daily paper and was given the challenge to teach myself how to write Industry News, Page One news, Features, One-on-one interviews and Sports News as well.

Not everyone is cut out to be a journalist and you need to constantly be at it if you want a carrier in journalism. This was one field that took me places and helped me to further build self-confidence. I am still in touch with my journalistic side and get in to the point where I sometimes sit and write down about issues. Some make it to this blog and some sit in a notebook.

My partner and I then decided to take the big leap from dropping all our other work to focus on the enterprise that we are still building. Sounds, cables, instruments have always crowded our house and my partner got the blessings and support from one of his family members to start his own business.

The sound rental market is already saturated with suppliers and the difference that we could make inside that is still small. However, with encouragement from all around we fully focused on building a network that depends on it for the past three years.

Not having a constant workflow for freelance or your own business can just dig a hole in your finances. Damage control must be done at times like this and the easy way out is to get back to the grind.

Again I hopped on the corporate train to make ends meet and my partner took back to his freelance designing work till we got back our finances in to level. It has been a rough year but we are slowly but surely lifting our heads up, still feet firm on the ground 🙂

Life cannot prepare you enough for the things that are coming and there is no better time than the present time to brace yourselves.

Be in the moment and be the eye of the storm.




The Age of The Water-bearer: Love, Labels & Nature

The matrix is old news. The defective system has been seen for what it really is, and people are re-claiming their lives both within and without the system. However we must not forget that the curr…

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33 years ago today and the years leading to the present time

23 July 1983 I was just an infant who was just 7 days old.

My parents and grandparents have relayed the stories of the years of insurgence and then about the beginning of a civil war.

As a kid all I saw was violence around me.

Five years on… Curfews, blackouts, roadblocks, security checkpoints, police flying squads; they were a day to day occurrence.

Gunshots, pyres built from tires, half burnt bodies, heads on sticks, covering the windows with thick blankets and huddling in to the middle room of our grandparents house at night to listen to the news in a dimly lit dinner table went on for sometime.

It continued for more years… at the time the news was full of raging wars in the North and East which showcased piles of dead bodies from the military and sometimes from the LTTE.

I remember when prominent political figures were shot dead during their rallies and while they were at home. Theories of how they were inside jobs of the then governing party and at times they would say that it was the LTTE.

The first suicide attack was launched on the Indian Premier and the attacks trickled down on the local politicians, civilians, clergy , places of worship and even school children. Nobody was spared and God too had forsaken this land.

While all this happened, there was still hope as we lived in a community that represented all religions. We would take part in religious activities in the Buddhist Temple, Hindu Kovil, Catholic Church and the Muslim Mosque. When the food was served no one asked for your religion. It was the unity that mattered. We have safeguarded each other through trying times and have walked in each others shoes in all these years.

Today we celebrate true freedom and I believe we can work towards peaceful co-existence.

My Religion is Love

My Race is Human

My home is Earth

I am another You in a different time.

Bless this place we call Paradise!




About the author of Angampora: A Nation’s Legacy

Angampora: A Nation's Legacy in Pictures

Deshamanya Dr. Ajantha Mahanthaarchchi

"When life is victorious, there is birth; when it is thwarted, there is death. A warrior is always engaged in a life-and-death struggle for Peace" “When life is victorious, there is birth; when it is thwarted, there is death. A warrior is always engaged in a life-and-death struggle for Peace”

The Mahanthaarachchi family, who were reputed combatants in the traditional martial art (Angampora ) of Sri Lanka, served in the courts of King Rajasinghe the 1st of Seethawaka as frontline defence forces and was the head of the Korothota Arachchi’s, who were responsible for training the elite special forces of the kings army. Numerous historical sources in Sri Lanka record the deeds of the Korathota Arachchi’s.

This fighting unit displayed tremendous valour during the Battle of Mulleriyawa in 1562. For their acts of bravery, the King ensured that special mention was made in the historical records of his kingdom. In addition they were granted arable and domestic lands as special gifts.

Listed below is a detail of this act from the Royal…

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Roger Waters’ new trailer for The Wall will leave you with goosebumps — watch


Consequence of Sound

Roger Waters’ forthcoming concert film, The Wall, is due to hit theaters on September 29th. Today, we get our first glimpse via an electrifying new trailer.

Directed by Waters and Sean Evans, the documentary captures the Pink Floyd mastermind’s record-breaking tour from 2010 to 2013. A press release describes The Wall as “a film that unfolds on many levels: an immersive concert experience of the seminal 1979 Pink Floyd album, a road movie of Waters’ reckoning with the death of his father in Italy in 1944, and a stirring film that highlights the human cost of armed conflict.”

“We were a big family on the road, 189 of us, give or take the odd Snoozy Walrus,” Waters previously said. “We were happy, by and large, and I am really happy to welcome everyone at Fathom and Picturehouse aboard. I know, I know — mixing metaphors. Where was I? Oh yeah, with your…

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A Nation’s Legacy

Reviving the dying arts

Angampora: A Nation's Legacy in Pictures

Pictures by Reza Akram, Written by Yasas Ratnayake 

A chiseled and intimidating looking man appears over the horizon. His body glistens in the morning sun illuminating the perfect muscular contours of his limbs and torso. Clad in a white loincloth with a crimson sash around his waist and armed with nothing but a glimmering kastane fastened to his side, he proudly bears the flag of the king of Sitwaka. This man is a Weerakkody, the flag bearer of the king who leads the royal Sri Lankan armies into battle against the invading Portuguese.

An ancient force awakens. All copyrights reserved | © RezaAkram 2015 An ancient force awakens

As he charges towards the enemy at breakneck speed, his army follows him into battle. Battalions of swordsmen, fighters bearing spears, elite forces armed with multi-bladed flexible swords that bend like elastic and ruthlessly sever enemies into pieces, archers with 6 foot bows and fire-tipped arrows, armored elephants bearing specially crafted broadswords…

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A little bit of sadness, a little bit of happiness and a whole life ahead

Celebrations are always followed after victories or marking a special day like the day you were born, the day you receive a degree, a promotion at your work place to name a few.

But life is not always about the wins and the happy moments. For one to realise it is a win or reaching that sense of happiness, one must endure loses and periods of grief, sadness and at times sink in to that deep darkness where no one will ever want to go.

Life as it is: is filled with all sorts of emotions and as a species, humans are hardwired to suppress their dark feelings if need be.

The typical answer for “How was your day?” or “How have you been?” will always be, “It has been a lovely day!” or “All good!”.

Have you ever come across anyone saying “I had a miserable day!” or “Not so great, in fact I lost everything!” Will you step in to comfort that person or try to help them out in any way you can?

Well unfortunately only a few would actually have the time or strength to do so.

All we need to do is take one day at a time,learn from our mistakes, talk about our sadness, talk about your failures and make sure that you learn lessons from them. May be treat yourself with utmost care. Your emotions reflect your overall well-being.